Dress Code

Dress Code
Golf attire is part of the Game’s tradition. Over the years, golf wear has evolved to a sportier look designed for performance. All members and guests must be appropriately dressed while on Club premises. This applies to all areas—the course, Pro Shop, Clubhouse and practice areas. Members are required to inform guests and family of the Club’s dress code. Please avoid embarrassment for guests and staff who must inform them their attire is unacceptable. 

The Dress Code is in effect from April 1st to October 31st. Management is empowered to enforce the above code and to make discretionary decisions where necessary.

Honouring tradition, comfort and fashion, Willow Park has adopted the Dress Code guidelines below:

Requirements for Men:

Requirements for Ladies:

Golf Shoes:

In the Clubhouse:

Please note:

Willow Park Golf & Country Club is first and foremost a place to come and enjoy friends and escape worldly concerns. To that end, please be mindful that when using your cell phone on the golf course or in the Clubhouse, you may be interrupting the experience others are enjoying.


Thank you for adhering to these standards and avoiding embarrassment for your host and for Willow Park staff.