Dress Code

Golf attire is part of the Game’s tradition. Over the years, golf wear has evolved to a sportier look designed for performance. Honouring tradition, comfort and fashion, Willow Park has adopted the Dress Code guidlines below:

Requirements for Men:
Shirts with sleeves and collars. Shirts must be tucked in. Slacks or tailored shorts with a minimum 5” inseam. 

Requirements for Ladies
Tailored blouses or golf / sports shirts. Collarless shirts must have sleeves and sleeveless shirts must have collars. Shorts, skirts and dresses must fall between the mid-thigh and kneecap.

Golf Shoes
No metal spikes are permitted; soft spikes only.

In the Clubhouse
Golf attire, with the exclusion of hats, caps and visors, is appropriate dress in any Clubhouse area designated for dining. Business attire and ladies fashion hats are permitted.

Please note:

Thank you for adhering to these standards and avoiding embarrassment for your host and for Willow Park staff.