JR Sponsorship

Willow Park Golf & Country Club accepts a limited number of Junior golfers into its Sponsored Junior Program, providing young golfers an opportunity to participate in a club program focused on development and competitive play. 
The Junior Golf Program at Willow Park Golf & Country Club is one of the most recognized Junior Programs in the province. The program provides lessons, mentorship, golfing opportunities on a prestigious golf course, Club tournaments and social events uniquely created to engage junior members. It’s designed for boys and girls who are ages 12 to 15. Sponsored Juniors pay Willow Park Junior membership dues.

For keen golfers who want to take their game to the next level, the Sponsored Junior Program is a perfect opportunity. 

The selection process involves completing:

  1. An Information Request;
  2. A Junior Sponsor Application (sent from the Club after reviewing the Information Request); and
  3. A personal interview which will be held in February.

To learn more about the program and application process, please contact the Club Office at 403-271-4231. 

Sponsorships for the 2019 season are now completed.